Listening to Music Improves Our Memory and Performance

If there is anything I have learned about studying at the university, it is that listening to music while studying for an exam has considerably improved my scores. While I have always been a good student, I have had issues with remembering a great deal of information for an exam – especially when cramming during finals week! Some students say that if they make a habit of chewing gum while they study and then chew gum during an exam, they score higher. I on the other hand am unable to chew gum, so what is my solution? You guessed it -listening to a specific genre of music while studying.

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For me, listening to indie and alternative helps me focus and retain information over all other genres. Aside from using music to study, listening to music in general can improve your memory power by getting you into the “zone.” It is comforting and allows you to focus on what you are doing at hand without distractions.


Music also allows you to concentrate more efficiently, and listening to music that you enjoy in the workplace can improve your mood and performance. Whether you work outdoors, in an office, or as an Olympic athlete, listening to music is calming and reduces anxiety levels. Some Olympic athletes are using music to help them sleep and improve brain function. This also improves short-term memory.

If music can improve your memory, sleep, confidence, endurance, and also reduce tension, it is difficult to find any reason to not take advantage of the music that surrounds us. As a student, I am always looking for techniques to improve my educational performance. It is inexpensive to purchase music, and it is effortless to enjoy it.

Whether you are a student or a businessman, I challenge you to listen to music during your study sessions or working hours. Comment below and let me know if it helps improve your memory, focus, and performance!



Author: lindseypdavis

I am currently enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno and am working toward a Bachelor of Science in Management. I am also currently employed full-time by an automotive corporation. I have been with the company for four years and have worked strictly in the business office which has led me to seek a career in the business industry. I enjoy working as the backbone of the company, being responsible for the company's finances, ensuring customer satisfaction, and ensuring that business is running smoothly and is in compliance with both corporation and state specific laws, policies, and procedures. Outside of work and school, one of the things I enjoy doing most is attending various concerts and festivals. I have found so much joy in music and wish to share my experiences and interpretations with those who share similar opinions.

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