Why should genres say who we are?

I have always found it interesting how people can believe they know who you are based off of the music genre you listen to, or how they believe they know what genre you listen to based solely off your personality. Why would it make sense to assume someone only listens to one genre? Why do we have to fit into certain stereotypes?

I, for one, have a gentle voice and a quiet and sweet personality – so I have been told. With this in mind, many are shocked to find that my taste in music is very opposite of who I am viewed to be. While I listen to many genres, my favorites include rock, metal, indie, punk, and hardcore. Such genres may be deceptive to those whom have not given them a chance. It may appear as violent to some with its heavy riffs and screaming or deep vocals. Even an artist’s or fans appearance may seem off to those unaccepting or unaware.

If fans of my personally favorited genres are typically viewed as having low self-esteem, not hard working, not gentle, and not outgoing; why then would this outlook not be reflected upon me? Well, perhaps because I am an educated young woman with a gentle appearance. Many do not believe that I play into that scene, mainly because they have taken an opportunity to get to know me before learning of my musical interests.

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As with anything, people maintain certain viewpoints up until they are able to experience something first hand. When it comes to music, however, if it is not one’s preferred genre, one will not give it a chance. A scientific study suggests that people like music based on what they have been culturally exposed to. While I know many who can appreciate all art in music, I find that many older people are truly against it. They are open only to what they grew up with.

So I ask – what stereotype do people associate with you? Or, perhaps you keep your interests to yourself in fear that they will not be accepted; and so I challenge you to be unexpected. Show a colleague something about yourself that one would not otherwise guess about you. Educate acceptance.


Author: lindseypdavis

I am currently enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno and am working toward a Bachelor of Science in Management. I am also currently employed full-time by an automotive corporation. I have been with the company for four years and have worked strictly in the business office which has led me to seek a career in the business industry. I enjoy working as the backbone of the company, being responsible for the company's finances, ensuring customer satisfaction, and ensuring that business is running smoothly and is in compliance with both corporation and state specific laws, policies, and procedures. Outside of work and school, one of the things I enjoy doing most is attending various concerts and festivals. I have found so much joy in music and wish to share my experiences and interpretations with those who share similar opinions.

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