Music – What Brings Everyone Together

I began attending concerts when I was thirteen and found them to be quite exhilarating. I love that large groups of people are able to put their differences aside and come together to enjoy the music. Through dancing, singalongs, celebrations, anthems and more, everyone becomes one during a concert and it has been an unspoken truth at all of the shows I have attended. There is no fighting or disagreements – everyone is family and cares for one another as if they have known them for ages. I am not sure where else you can find this kind of hospitality, if you will.

In music, everyone is free to express themselves, whether they are artists or the audience. Music is open to interpretation, and according to Glenn McDonald’s “Every Noise at Once,” there are more than 1,200 musical genres existing today – enough for everyone to “find themselves,” provide messages to the audience, and bond with both friends and strangers alike. It is enjoyed all throughout the world and plays a role in all cultures and most events, all having agreeable messages or meanings.

Music is beautiful and enjoyed by all. I am rather excited to share my experiences with you and I hope you are not only able to discover new artists or events in the upcoming weeks, but find a new appreciation for music along the way. It is valuable to educate ourselves and reflect on the messages found within song lyrics, but also to acknowledge and celebrate all that we have overcome which I will discuss in future blogs. Music is more than something to listen to in the background and I look forward to taking this journey with you.



Author: lindseypdavis

I am currently enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno and am working toward a Bachelor of Science in Management. I am also currently employed full-time by an automotive corporation. I have been with the company for four years and have worked strictly in the business office which has led me to seek a career in the business industry. I enjoy working as the backbone of the company, being responsible for the company's finances, ensuring customer satisfaction, and ensuring that business is running smoothly and is in compliance with both corporation and state specific laws, policies, and procedures. Outside of work and school, one of the things I enjoy doing most is attending various concerts and festivals. I have found so much joy in music and wish to share my experiences and interpretations with those who share similar opinions.

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